About surfmilfontes

Surfmilfontes likes to offer you a perfect holiday. The activity outside in the sun will provide you with enough energy through the day. We got beautiful beaches, views of landscapes, a lot of sun, finest gastronomy and perfect conditions for beginners.

Friendly people who are willing to support you, increasing your abilities while you enjoy yourself surfing.

Our Teaching does respect that. We are trying to find a balance between exhaustion (cause surfing will make you feel muscles you don't thought you would had), training-results and fun. We don't mass-process you with endless warm ups or unnecessary pushes during the surflessons. At our place you will find motivated, original surfteachers who cares about you and your progress.

Surfing starts in your mind.

It is a perfect individual sport where everyone got its own speed. You are connected to the Ocean which will give you a nice feeling. When it comes to teach surfing, we can look back to over 21 years in experience. As locals who grew up here, we know all the good surfspots around and always find the best conditions for beginners.

We see surfing as an easy method to get access to a world, which will take you and your mind far away from the issues the modern fast life brings with. And the best part: It is not very expensive - so highly accessible and to nearly everyone who is able to do sports and can spend his money for a little holiday.

That's why surfing is more than a sport. It is a healthy lifestyle with a worldwide growing community.

We want you to have a good time. Liked it? Like us!

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