Vila Nova de Milfontes. Welcome to a quite fishing village.

Vila Nova de Milfontes is a bewhitching civil parish in the municipality of Odemira. Located at the coastline of Alentejo, partway between Lisbon and the Algarve, this spot is totally undiscovered by mass-tourism. A perfect place for getting away from the routine and simlpy enjoy and relax. Surrounded by a stunning coastline of rugged cliffs, Milfontes is a fantastic alternative beach resort, constantly pounded by the ferocious Atlantic Ocean.

  • Surfing

    We got very good surfing conditions from beginners to advanced. Surfing is a good way to connect yourself with nature again. While teaching you this ancient sport, we take care that you enjoy it, feeling entertained and amused, so you are learning with plenty of fun. We do not mass-process you with unnecessary warm ups during the surf-lessons. As surfing is an individual sport we know that each person got its own speed.

  • Vila Nova de Milfontes

    Vila Nova De Milfontes has been developed in a responsible manner, there are no major apartment blocks engulfing the coast, everything still retains the Alentejo small town atmosphere. This lack of development has extended to the regions beaches where as in any other country there would be mass tourism in Milfontes the coastline is wild and rugged. The beaches are ideal for surfing or body boarding due to the massive swells that originate from the Atlantic Ocean and all surfing equipment can be easily hired. Vila nova de Milfontes is a delightful beach resort that lies on the western side of the Alentejo region. The town is situated along a stunning coastline and is surrounded by a national park which has ensured all tourist development is in keeping with the relaxed ambience of Vila Nova. The Alentejo coastline makes for pleasant alternative to Algarve and Vila Nova is an ideal base to explore this surprisingly un-touristy region of Portugal. This guide will detail the common and most popular day trips from Vila Nova de Milfontes. Unfortunately public transport in the region is very limited and a rental car is recommended to fully explore the area surround Vila Nova Milfontes.

  • Day-Trips

    Porto Covo Day Trip

    Porto Covo is a small and pretty fishing village that is located close to some of the finest beaches of the Alentejo coastline of the region. The town is centred around the 17th century Praça Marques de Pombal square one of the oldest grid plan layouts with cobbled streets lined with traditional painted houses. The main attraction of Porto Covo are numerous idyllic cove beaches that are set amidst the towering cliffs and open out onto the powerful but clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Porto Covo and the surrounding area makes for a highly recommended day trip from Vila Nova Milfontes and is less than 20 km between the two towns.

    Zambujeira do Mar Excursion

    The brilliant white houses are at stark contrast to the massive black basalt cliff that surrounds the town’s golden sand beach. Aside from the beautiful view there are great coastal hiking trails which follow the cliffs and open up on unspoilt beaches. Zambujeira do Mar has a laid back and welcoming atmosphere and is extremely popular with Portuguese tourists. Zambujeira do Mar is 25km south of Vila Nova de Mifontes but almost no public transport connections.

  • Hiking & Cycling

    Enjoy beautiful hiking & cycling trails, explore the national park that surrounds Milfontes and let your imagination flow with mind blowing views of mother nature.

  • Stand up paddling

    This is a sport originating in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing. If you are looking to a relaxing, peaceful and spectacular site this is definitely a must do when you come to visit. This sport enables surfers to paddle farther into the ocean than is typical or to paddle standing up as a sport into itself.

  • Fishing

    Want to plan something different? Here at Vila de Milfontes you can go fishing to the greatest beaches and plan amazing tours with your family.

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