Our Surfspots in Milfontes



We are highly experienced surfers who can guarantee that we take care of each student individually, even if our groups average is around 10 people per day/session.

Each day, we will drive you with our small bus to the surfspot we have chosen for the day. We are local surfingteachers who know the region since we were kids. Depending of the day-condition, weather and waves we will decide which spots are best.

Surfing starts always with the low-tide. After your breakfast we will pick you up in the center of the village or you may follow us if you rent a car to the spot. Every spot is about riding 10min by car. Everything is in range if you like to go by bike.


When we reached the spot we’ll make sure you get instructions for the safety-rules before having fun in the water. We take our responsibility very seriously.


All surf spots are found in the natural park, granting beautiful places – protected from humans. Preserved for the next generations, everyone can visit these nice environment. You find more spots near by that you will not find in every traveller guide. Water is just crowded during the high season (July and August). Most of the year it is just perfect surfing conditions: A lot of waves and few surfers.

Malhão This is one of the most beautiful beaches from our coast line. With several peaks long side the beach this beach got perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate levels. Here we give most part of our lessons during the high season. It is located 10 km north of Milfontes and you can either drive with us, drive by yourself or catch a bike.

Aivados Beach break with lefts and rights along of the beach, perfect for all levels of surfing. This beach can deploy surf days for different surf skills, got a beautiful landscape very much similar to Malhão. 15km north Milfontes.

Furnas Its a beach break in the south of the river mouth that offers perfect conditions for children and first timers, very soft wave that allow you to put in practice what you have learned. its next to the river mouth has the tendency of shifting a lot in terms of sand because of the strong currents. Its the beach that allow us to work all winter because can handle bigger swells. 4 km south Milfontes

Farol Very small beach break in the north side of the river, very good for beginners especially children because its a very small and soft wave. Does not work so often because like furnas can shift very fast in terms of sand. Directly in town.

Canal Its a point break on the fishing harbour, this is the kind of wave that make people came back. Its a long right perfect for intermedium level, has a channel to paddle out so duck dives are not required. Its also the wave that can handle bigger swells around. 2km from town.

Light house One of the most heavy wave that we have around. It has a left and right single peak which in good old days deliver amazing waves. Its a place that is not allow to give lessons because the safety cannot be guaranteed. Just works in specific conditions of swell, wind and ties. You can find the light house directly in town.


We are lucky to be located in an area with good conditions for sunshine. Most of the time bad weather turns his back to us, even if the rest of the area is rainy.